For years I’ve been a pioneer.

I’ve told people, don’t use questions in your copy.


Because when you use a question, you force the person to think about the answer.

And when they think about the answer, they aren’t with you on your page of copy.

For example:

“Are you really satisfied with your lifestyle? Do you wish you could do something about it?”

Now those questions force the person to go inside their head and leave your copy.

And if you ask the wrong question… they may never return to your copy.

But what if there was a right way of asking questions in copy?

And what if this was a breakthrough technique – never before revealed – that could actually
produce a change in the reader just by his answers in his head to your copy?

Let me make this clear.

The WRONG question and you lose them for good.

The RIGHT questions and you own them.

And it works in copy.

And it works in sales.

And it works in personal change work.

What I’m about to reveal will blow you away.

Stay tuned.