As I’m typing this blog post, there’s a hypnotic voice going in my ear.

It’s not the voice of a hypnotist however.  It’s the voice of the most successful life insurance salesman of all time.

His name is Ben Feldman and someone recently gifted me with a rare set of his recordings.

And I’m listening to Ben’s voice as he explains exactly how he made that much money.

Stories about Ben are legendary but only when NLP came along did people discover…

Ben Feldman is using many of the same language patterns of Milton Erickson.

But the number one success pattern Ben used rarely failed.

People would book an insurance sales call with him and Ben would come and…

NOT talk about insurance.

Instead, he pulled out a book called, “The Life of Ernest Hemingway.”

And would begin talking about Hemingway’s life.

And after talking with the prospect for a while (about Ernest Hemingway) the client would look up after a few minutes and ask…

“How much insurance do you think I need?”

The technique is known as Therapeutic Metaphor.  It was invented by Erickson but most people didn’t get it at all.

In fact, in the beginning of the book “Hypnotic Realities” by Erickson and Rossi, they analyzed a hypnotic induction of Milton Erickson.

And when Erickson began to tell a story, Rossi turned the recorder OFF!

He didn’t get that the story was the main part of the process.

The first person to fully explain Erickson’s patterns of Therapeutic Metaphor was David Gordon.

This is the one technique I’d never leave home without.

Ben Feldman used it to sell more life insurance than any other agent in history.

Frank Kern just used it to sell 4 millions dollars worth of a digital product called “List Control.”

And you don’t have the ONLY set of DVDs with David Gordon teaching this technique?

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