My teacher Dr Dave Dobson taught what he called OTCC – Other Than Conscious Communication.

As part of the communication process, Dobson would say Hello non-verbally and than glance at the right ear.
During therapy, Dave would talk to the right ear and calibrate responses.

People had no idea what he was doing, but Dave knew when people had made the changes they needed to make, when they were done with therapy – all based on that right ear.

Turns out – the old grump knew what he was talking about.

Here’s an article reporting on some interesting research.

Asking a favour? Talk to the right ear

If you are planning on asking someone to do you a favour, make sure you are speaking into their right ear.

Scientists have found we are much more likely to help someone out if they make the request in our right ear.

It is thought to be because info received through the right ear is processed by the left side of the brain. This is more logical and better at deciphering verbal information.

Scientists in Italy tested this by asking 176 nightclubbers for a cigarette. They obtained significantly more cigarettes when they spoke to the clubbers’ right ear compared with their left.

The boffins debated keeping the findings to themselves so their friends didn’t get wise to their right-ear begging ways, but eventually published a paper on the study.
Dr Luca Tommasi of the University of Chieti in central Italy, said the results confirm a right ear/left hemisphere advantage for verbal communication and that if you want to get something done –you should talk to people in their right ear.

“Our studies corroborate the idea of a common ancestry – in humans and other species – of lateralized behavior during social interactions, not only for species-specific vocal communication, but also for affective responses.”

Here’s the article link below:

Research Confirms Other Than Conscious Communication