The Art of the Swipe


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Here’s an experiment I would like you to do right now.

1. Pick up your pen in your hand and sign your hand normally.

2. Now, pick up your pen again but this time, try to copy that signature as closely as you can.

3. Now, pick up your pen with your non-dominant hand and try to sign your name being as careful as possible to copy it as closely as you can.

4. Finally, pick up your pen with you non-dominant hand and sign your name as quickly as possible.

Do you notice any differences?  Most people do.

When you sign your name as quickly as you can with your less dominant hand, that’s an example of unconscious incompetence.  You don’t have good control of what your doing and it shows.

When you carefully sign your name with your less dominant hand, that’s an example of conscious incompetence.  You are trying.  It’s just not very good.

When you sign your name with your dominant hand and you are copying the signature, it’s an example of conscious competence.

And finally, when you sign your name quickly with your dominant hand, it’s an example of unconscious competence.

Typically, when someone does something on the mastery level, it’s on the level of unconscious competence.

That’s the way I swipe a letter.


And it’s good.

Letters I’ve swiped in 90 minutes (or less) have sold millions of dollars of products.

I swiped the Annihilation Method letter in 90 minutes in front of a live audience. It sold one million dollars in 20 minutes.

I dictated a letter for Ryan Deiss where he was my personal secretary in an hour.

It sold $4 million in a nicheI don’t even like writing for.

At the last NLP Copywriting seminar with David Gordon,  he spent the day analyzing how I swipe a sales letter. And my friend, Anthony Coyce called me with an idea…

“Dude. There are lots of people who need what David Gordon taught that day but can’t afford the NLP Copywriting 2 Set. Break out the second day where it’s David Gordon teaching and make a set on How to Swipe a salesletter.”

“There are a lot of copywriters who stare at the screen and never know what to write. Your product takes them step by step from zero to dynamite sales letter within a couple of hours instead of a couple of days.”

“But dude. They can’t afford the whole set. It’s like $1300 or something. It’s like showing a starving man a picture of a steak dinner. You HAVE to do something.”

But he made me think.

Now this is going to piss some people off,

It’s not just copywriters who can use this.  ANYONE who wants to write like a pro can use this to kick out A-Level copy.

The price of the whole DVD set is $1297. And it’s a bargain. But if I cut out the first part of the seminar and only gave the section with David Gordon, I could help people who can’t afford my regular product.

This product is the fastest way to get wickedly good in the shortest possible time.

David Gordon is one of the founders of NLP.  And he got inside my mind to find out exactly how I do everything from select a swipe to how I go through a sentence one line at a time.

So Sandra and I checked and there are 6 DVDs where David Gordon models me. It’s nearly half the entire set.



I’ve taken the Fillet Mignon and packaged it in a set for people who want to learn How To Quickly and Easily Swipe A Winning Sales Letter.

And I’m going to price it at a McDonald’s price. Just $297 for the set of six DVDs.

But since my birthday is coming up, I’ll knock off a hundred bucks.

So get on this now.  Like today.

The price is $197 plus shipping.

And yes this product can be returned anytime in the next year but check your mental cavity because if you return this, you’re missing something upstairs.

This is not something you should miss.  You know how everything you read on the Internet is a bunch of hype… well this isn’t.



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