Many years ago, I took a training with John Childers who all the marketing gurus swore by. He supposedly taught speaking skills that would show you how to sell from the platform.

But what made me take this super expensive course was the idea that he combined NLP with selling.

I was so bored. My dogs had more effective NLP skills. I took more bathroom breaks during that seminar than any other. I couldn’t believe I had gotten suckered in to this program.

And at the end of the program, he sold another program. Yes, he had secretly planted the overwhelming desire for us to purchase his next expensive program.

Yawn. I had no desire to continue my studies and I was amazed at the big name people who gave him credit for increasing their sales.

What was it that PT Barnum said about suckers being born any minute?

So now there’s another breakthrough NLP discovery used in video and selling.

Ready? Stop yawning. I haven’t told you yet.

Okay here it is.

When you are talking, when you talk about your prospects shake your hands in the direction of your prospects. When you talk about you, point to you.

Now don’t you feel an overwhelming desire to send me money?

Didn’t think so.

When you see someone using this technique, they are trying to manipulate you. And they are setting you up for the sale.

A real sale is when you connect with the buyers wants and needs and your ability to fullfil them.

No hand shaking needed.


PS. I just saved you about $50,000 in advanced speakers trainings in this little post.

Just had to add this video