Up until now, most people have been using NLP in a pretty lame manner on their websites.

Sorry for being blunt but it’s true.

I hope by now that you aren’t using cheap tricks like buy now in bold letters and thinking it’s effective NLP.

It’s not. It’s manipulative and it sucks.

And if you go ahead and do it anyway, I hope Karma bites your butt.

Seriously however, NLP works really well in sales in persuasion. It works really well in person and works really well in print and in video.

Heck, Frank Kern knows just two patterns and they work pretty damm well for him.

But let’s play pretend…

Every step of your website from headline to offer and PS is wrapped tightly with NLP.

Can you even begin to imagine the staggering multiplying effect? Imagine Frank Kern type results on every line of your website.

I’ve been waiting to release NLP Copywriting 3 – the NLP website and it’s coming soon.

Next week in fact.

And it’s going to be delivered over a period of 12 weeks right over the Internet.

There will be a forum to ask questions because I want this to work for your business. (It already works for mine.)

What kind of numbers can you expect to see?

The last NLP video I did for a client converted at 12% without a word of copy on the page.

Of course, there was a lot of sneaky stuff I’ll share with you in the course.

Look for it!