A legend passed away yesterday. Frank Farrelly, the author of Provocative Therapy, passed away recently.

Frank was the most obnoxious lovable guy you could ever meet. He stunned people in therapy by deliberately provoking people in therapy and getting them to open up.

The first time I read his book, Provocative Therapy I couldn’t believe anyone would recommend the book. But soon I saw Frank’s effectiveness.

I have some very old recordings of Bandler and Grinder modeling Frank at a live therapy session. Bandler’s voice was entirely different than it is today.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear that Bandler adopted Frank’s voice after an intensive modeling session.

The best way to learn about Frank is to listen to a recent seminar he did in NYC with my friend Doug O’Brien. The man was brilliant.

You can get the DVDs here from Doug. That’s NOT an affiliate link.

Frank was one of the people NLP was based upon.

Study his work.

Rest in peace Frank.