I went to London to attend an NLP workshop.  While I was there, I mentioned to a friend that I was having a problem with my legs cramping during yoga.

I had tried many different treatments including massage, acupressure, herbs, vitamins, and foot work but I was still painfully cramping in yoga.  He asked, “Harlan. Don’t you live in Boca?  Why don’t you see Joe X?”

I never heard of Joe X and he was impossible to find online. Eventually I tracked him down and discovered this guy was the real deal.

He’s an NLP trainer and bodyworker with an international following.  And it turns out, his office is directly across the street from mine.

Within a session or two, my problem was GONE!  But I’ve continued to go to Joe and learn from him about what he does.   There’s a funny thing about working with Joe.  While he’s working on you, he starts to talk kind of funny and my eyes close and out I go.

Joe is doing classical conversational hypnosis.  There is no formal trance.  Just ordinary conversation and out I go.

Of course, I’m not the only one who notices this.  When Richard Bandler had a recent stroke, he told the hospital the only person he would let work on him was Joe.  Hmmm. I wonder why.

Now Joe has no products explaining what he does or how he does it but I’m sure I’ll get one out of his sooner or later.  But I’d like you to take away one thing I learned from him.

When I work with Joe, he works on only one side of my body for most of the session.  And shortly before the end, Joe touches the other side and says, “And your unconscious knows how to take all the learnings and transfer them here….”

And the connections are made.

Now imagine being able to harness that kind of power in your writing so the reader makes the connection.

But that would create a new style of copywriting, wouldn’t it?