The New World of NLP Copy

Copywriting is changing. We are seeing more and more people moving away from long copy and finding more people moving to video.

For the world of NLP, this is truly a blessing. Now, in addition to words on paper, we can actually use volume and tonality to mark off the message.

But with the exception of Eben Pagan, we’re just not seeing it online today done with any artful planning.

Plus, with the shorter copy in use today, it is incumbent upon the NLP Copywriter to use the language patterns to get the reader to take action much more rapidly.

Think about the words that would FORCE a person to take action.

What would you use?


  1. Typically in direct response it’s always been a matter of simply saying “buy now”, but I’m just starting to learn NLP so I’m not sure.

    What I am sure about is I want to learn more about how young Eben’s using NLP in his stuff, thanks for the heads up Harlan.

  2. Hi Harlan! This is my first time here, and you raise a really interesting point.

    This gets me because I only recently got a handle on long-form copywriting, lol.

    Things move fast, and that’s cool, do you know of any resources on how to put together a well-crafted video that converts?

    P.S. Love Eben :)

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