NLP Copywriting Ninja reveals how to identify the difference between healthy patterns and dysfuctional ones and…most importantly…gives you an entire smorgasbord of ways of interrupting those patterns.

Think of a pattern interrupt this way, someone has stolen your expensive bicycle and his riding away. Quickly, you jam a broom stick into the back wheel and the thief is launched into space with no possibility of resisting.

Pattern Interrupts are quick.

Pattern Interrupts work immediately.

Once a Pattern is interrupted properly – it may never – ever – come back.

Inside this four part video course, you’ll discover…

• Utilization pattern interrupts – how you use someone’s own behavior to interrupt their own dysfunctional patterns. Insiders call it a one move checkmate.

• Language pattern interrupts – you’ll take the words someone says and tie them up in a Gordian knot they can’t escape from.

•Motivational pattern interrupts – once you discover what really motivates a person, you’ll learn how to cause their pattern to come to a more complete standstill than rush hour traffic in Midtown Manhattan.

•Belief pattern interrupts – people tell you what they believe all the time. Now you can have profound leverage in creating personal change.

• Behavioral pattern interrupts – how to take a person’s observable behaviors and cause them to overload their systems and shut down. It’s fun because they do ALL the work.

• And finally… my personal favorite – Modality interrupts. They are so simple and so powerful, you’ll slap your head and go, “Who knew these could be so effective?”

There are 4 weekly sessions beginning Wednesday June 17. You will be getting password access to a secret insiders lair where the language we speak is change.

You’ll learn how to create this change on your websites, in your videos, in your friends, and most importantly and profoundly…

In your own lives as well.

The cost for this four week course is just $197. Frankly, I have never sold a NLP training program at this cost before.

This is ALL NEW material created specifically for this course.

Enroll right now by clicking here.