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meet harlanHi – my name is Harlan Kilstein.  I’ve been a copywriter since the late 90’s – first for my own businesses, and later for many of the top brands and businesses on the internet. Using NLP copywriting, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs in hundreds of different markets create highly successful sales campaigns. But what excites me most is that many of my students have become A-List copywriters building amazing businesses of their own.


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The number one goal of every business is to increase the return on investment of each marketing dollar. Whether you want to generate a huge response from a newspaper or magazine ad, a direct mail letter, or an internet site, the most important element you need to know is “”What really works?”” Every time a business experiments in testing, it costs money and may not produce a return. Finally, there’s an opportunity for the ordinary business to become….learn more


Trained Baboons And Hypnosis

When I learned hypnosis, I learned it in an NLP center in Ericksonian style. It wasn’t until much later that I was exposed to non-Ericksonian hypnosis. I can’t say that I liked it very much. Especially the rapid inductions. Grabbing someone’s head, shaking it, and yelling “Sleep!” would scare the bejeebers out of anyone. And then I heard the story of a hypnotist who tried this in his office with an elderly client and hurt her neck. Whoops. There’s a fabulous movie Marjoe about a young boy who is born as a preacher. From the ages of 4-14 he saves people all across the United States. As a teen, he gets disgusted and walks away from the business. In his twenties, he returns to the road with some video cameras to record his preaching and performance in church. The cameras are rolling as Marjoe gets people to faint – sometimes a whole line of people at one time – just be pointing at them. And that’s when you need to understand the concept of the trained baboon and hypnosis. The training baboon is conditioned how to behave by watching others. You know what they say, “Money See. Monkey Do.” So it doesn’t really matter if the goal of the money is to get people to faint at a religious revival meeting or go into a deep trance. I suggest to you that if you go up to a total stranger on the street, grab their head, shake it and yell “sleep!” you’re going to find yourself punched in the head. Get my point? PS. The movie Marjoe won an...

Obnoxious NLP

Is the goal of personal change work to be nice or to be effective? Some of the most effective NLP interventions haven’t been very nice? When Tony Robbins asked a woman crying her eyes out, “Who peed on your face?” It wasn’t particularly nice. But it was effective. It interrupted the patten and enabled the woman to deal with her problem. When Richard Bandler finds out a certain tonality disturbs a person and deliberately uses it again and again to move a client, he isn’t being particularly nice. But he is being effective. So how can you know when you’ve gone too far? The key is rapport. When you are working one on one, in person or on the phone, you can maintain your rapport. But when you are working via copy, how can you check rapport? For example, one fabulously successful site created negative rapport with the readers. It was called “RIch Jerk.” People actually looked forward to his insults. I wrote an email for him to mail and it was filled with insults. But his audience loved it. What made people stay with that copy despite it’s insults? Your thoughts...

Bad NLP Is More Common Than You Think

If this video doesn’t have meaning to you, it’s likely you’ve never witnessed someone really bad at NLP try to help someone. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments below. [Video created by Kristen...
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