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Another new copywriter arrives on the crowded scene. In his first month as a pro, he rakes in $32,500 in fees and secures clients who will work exclusively with him for years earning him millions of dollars in fees.

His sales letters quickly become legendary for their high conversion rates – in one case converting 17% to a cold list in a totally different market and in another case causing a near meltdown at Paypal selling at $110,000 a minute.  A letter composed in just 90 minutes in front of a live audience goes on to set the record for the fastest million sold online (28 minutes.)

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How does a newbie copywriter get letters from stars like Gary Bencivenga telling his to “keep hitting those homeruns?” Or why do A-list copywriters like John Carlton, David Garfinkel, David Deutsch, Paris Lampropolis, Doug D’Anna and the late Gary Halbert value his opinion?  Or why does mega marketer Frank Kern beg to learn these secrets?

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The famous anthropologist Gregory Bateson once confessed to a colleague he was afraid to have lunch with Milton Erickson the legendary hypnotherapist.  Bateson stated, “Every time I’m with Erickson I find myself doing things for him that he’s never asked me to do. I find myself passing him the salt even though he’s never said a word about it…”

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That Erickson had mastered, and I’m about to reveal to you, is the secret of communicating directly to the “other than conscious mind.”  It’s the way to eliminate all resistance and lead people to a desired behavior.  And you’ve probably figured out in copy the desired behavior is to take immediate action on your offer.

What Erickson discovered is artfully loading your language allows you to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with a person’s unconscious mind.  And while Erickson had truly mastered this form of communication sometimes his patterns were so subtle and so slick, they bypassed even his top students.

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One of the first books on Erickson’s patterns was authored by Dr. Ernest Rossi who is considered one of the top experts on Ericksonian hypnosis.  The book, Hypnotic Realities begins with a line by line transcript of an Ericksonian hypnotic induction.  Less than one minute into the recorded induction, Rossi turned off the recording because Erickson “stopped the induction and proceeded to tell a story.”

Rossi didn’t get it at all.

While Erickson was demonstrating his patterns on the hypnotic subject, he was also covertly working on Rossi at the same time.  And Erickson’s invisible communication went directly to Rossi’s unconscious mind, “Stop learning with your conscious mind.  Turn off the recorder and start to experience learning with your unconscious mind.”

Now I’m beginning to wonder if you can realize the potential of having access to this power in your copy or marketing messages.

the power to change minds

For nearly 30 years I’ve been using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and applying hypnotic communication to everything I do. I’ve moved beyond mastery of Unconscious and Nonverbal Persuasion Patterns and have built my copywriting skills around secretive patterns I’ve never shared publicly.

I’m not going to waste your time on theory because I’ve been in the trenches proving these patterns work.  My massive doctoral thesis “Teacher Perceptions of Student Responsiveness to Therapeutic Metaphor” was the first ever test of NLP language patterns in print.  And every luminary of the NLP and hypnosis field (including the top students of Milton Erickson) endorsed my use of these patterns.  The results of 12 independent experiments showed these patterns worked in every situation designed.  My studies blew away the graduate faculty of my program and they asked me to publicly present my results.

I attained the highest possible certification of NLP

 – modeler – and have to ability to break down, decode, deconstruct, and install any behavior. And – over the years – I’ve successfully modeled the copywriting techniques of John Carlton, David Garfinkel, and David Deutsch.  I’ve also modeled the persuasion techniques of Kenrick Cleveland and Christopher Tomasulo as well as master marketer (and 3 time client) Jay Abraham.

Now, with your permission, I’m going to install these patterns in you with the recordings of the first ever…

nlp copywrirting

I took my 30 year experience in NLP and covert communication skills and shared them in a live training. 

This seminar was  specifically designed to overwhelm your conscious mind and install these patterns on a deep unconscious level.  I teach to your conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously and don’t be surprised when you find yourself deeply in trance learning with your eyes shut and your mind open.

This certification boot camp revealed, explain, and install the language patterns you need to turn you into a verbal Jedi able to reach into peoples’ minds and direct their thoughts because I’ve cracked the code on communication in print.

One of my first copywriting jobs (which had to be down overnight) was so artfully loaded with invisible language patterns it converted at 9% to stunned clients.  It simultaneously employed nested loops, therapeutic metaphor, shifting referential index, embedded commands, connecting strategies, temporal shifts (altering perceptions of time) and emotional shifts.  And the letter is still converting profitably four years later.

Or the infamous letter I did for Kenrick Cleveland’s Dark Side (which went out to a list of experts in NLP) and got them to fork over a huge amount of money because I shifted referential index and played with polarity responses in the letter.

Or the time one of the authors at Conscious One challenged my writing style and we had an old west copywriting duel.  My copy beat his at a 15 to 1 rate because my copy (including the headline) was filled with presuppositions while his was devoid of NLP patterns.

Do brief Ericksonian metaphors work without the voice intonations and the visual cues?  When you apply them the way I did, they sure do, and how! You’ll learn my secret technique for metaphors that hurled an unknown Tony Robbins “wanna-be” into the big time in less than a day… and I’ll give you step by step instructions on how you can use these techniques (nobody else knows them… I’m sure of this because I invented it and I monitor the work of all top copywriters) … in anything you write

Does changing the person of your copy – sometimes in the middle of a sentence really work? Well one retail store I wrote a newspaper ad for had to hire extra sales help to deal with unexpected crowds.

And I’m convinced after spending time studying the 14 DVDs and massive manual of the NLP & Copywriting Boot Camp…

You Can Load Your Writing With The Power of NLP Too

For three intense days in September 2008 I explicated my model of NLP Copywriting.  I’m revealed which language patterns have the greatest effect on your readers and show you how to apply them to your own copy.

Some of the top copywriters in the world were there. John Carlton planned on staying for only a day but his butt was glued to his seat on day number two.

Parris Lampropolis totally rewrote on of his controls based on what he learned at this seminar.

And David Garfinkel wowed the room when he did one of the exercises you are going to learn and had everyone salivating at the mouth (myself included) wanting to buy what he was selling (and he didn’t even have a product in mind.) That’s how powerful this stuff is.

Warning: If you are looking for a “feel good experience” where everyone sits around in a circle singing Kumbaya you’re in the wrong place.  Your brain is going to go into overdrive and you are going to be producing these patterns in print immediately.

I have no time or patience for theory; this is all about results and I’m going to take you from raw rookie to near mastery level in three days and in doing so move you to an entirely new level in your copy. You’re going to get writer’s cramp by the first DVD as I blow past your conscious mind and directly see these patterns in your unconscious.

This isn’t going to be about hooks, headlines, or subheads, it’s going to be about inducing and directing buying trances and important for you to remember…

there’s no one else who does this.  There are no books, tapes, or DVD sets where you can learn these patterns and even if there were…

you couldn’t get feedback from the one pro who has built a career around the power of NLP Copywriting.

Here’s Just A Taste of What You Are Going To Discover In The NLP Copywriting Certification Training

  • which NLP patterns really work in print and which are just fluff and a waste of your time. (Someone should have clued in the only copywriter who has written about NLP in sales letters because the patterns she recommends are guaranteed to piss of your prospects and get hostile phone calls from clients)
  • how to artfully use Milton model language patterns to bypass the conscious mind – starting as early as your headline – and control the mind of your prospects like a master puppeteer
  • when to violate traditional rules of grammar and alter time, tone, tense, and persona.
  • how to dissociate your client from the copy without ever letting them take their eyes off the page
  • when to shift into metaphor and how to make sure it scores and bulls-eye and connects with your audience
  • the art of moving the reader in an orchestrated step-by-step formula without them having a clue as to what you are doing
  • how to tap into the sub-vocalization going on in the mind of your reader so you can completely redirect their thinking and …have them think it was their own idea
  • discover which of the 32 forms of presupposition work best in copy and why you should artfully master their use in your copy
  • why you should always future pace the experience of your readers to virtually eliminate buyers’ remorse and minimize returns
  • how to get really good (in record time) in the art of simile so you always have the right expression at the tip of your tongue in a fraction of a second
  • how to embed commands in print so no one ever picks up on them – even if they know NLP.
  • the times you want to create amnesia in a sales letter and how to immediately cause its induction
  • when to shift tenses – sometimes in the middle of your sentences – so the buyer thinks he’s already having the benefit of your product.
  • why you should always future pace the buying experience and how it can drastically cut down – or even eliminate – returns.
  • how to weave criteria throughout your sales letter and really break through all client resistance.

And once you know these skills…

You’ll Be In A Class All By Yourself

Because there are no copywriters out there using these skills and when you complete this certification training in NLP Copywriting, you’ll be able to clearly and specifically explain to your clients exactly how you are different from the thick herd of newbie copywriters.  Quite simply, you will have an art, you will have a talent, and you will have a skill immensely valuable in your field.

And when you go through my NLP Copywriting Certification Boot Camp, you’ll be in the trenches learning these skills and putting them to use.

My trainings stand out from the crowd because they are unique.  My Value Based Copywriting taught copywriters my behind the scenes secret negotiating strategies for huge paydays.  And that seminar was all meat – not an ounce of fat.  100% pure unadulterated content.  In the hands of any other teacher, heads would have been spinning.  But because of my background in education, I read the audience and know when I can take you the extra mile and push you to attain your personal best.

So if you are sharp enough to recognize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you’ll be the first to admit you can overcome any of the problems including not enough time to think about it, wondering if you can really learn these skills if you don’t have a background in NLP, or you are wondering if your copy skills are strong enough for you benefit from the NLP Copywriting Boot Camp.

I Wonder How Soon You Will Become Aware That Your Copywriting Skills Can Go Through The Roof In Just Three Action Packed Days

You see there is no substitute for the quality education you will receive when you go through the Boot Camp.  If you want to be certified as an NLP Copywriter,  the Certification program consists of three parts: (one) your going through the Boot Camp DVDs, (two) completion of all assignments at the Boot Camp, and (three) submission of one sales letter using the patterns I reveal in the DVDs within 60 days of your purchase of the set.  There is a $100 certification fee.

Once you have completed these requirements, you will receive certification in NLP Copywriting and receive your certificate which you may display on your website.  This lets prospective clients know you are part of the super exclusive group who know these skills.

But here’s the main thing to keep in mind…

I Never Intended This Seminar To Be Public

I didn’t intend this seminar be for anyone but members of my coaching group and a few friends but as soon as I started sharing some of my NLP Copywriting secrets with you people started writing and begging to be let in.

That’s when we discovered the second problem…we had only reserved enough rooms in the hotel for our coaching group.  And those were already claimed.

And to make matters worse, we reserved a small conference room.

All of this means…

I Was Able To Give People My Compete Attention!

The only way to access NLP Copywriting was via DVDs. Between the manual and the DVDs, it’s a huge package.

If you want the DVDs, we offer two ways to pay. If you pay in full now, the cost of the DVDis $1097.

If you prefer, you can spread out your payment over three easy payments. The price of the seminar with payments is $1277. Your first payment will be made immediately in the amount of $777, and then 2 monthly payment 30 days apart in the amount of $350.

Please note that all sales are final.

A Last Word From Milton Erickson

The concept of resistance is known to copywriters and marketers.  Erickson dealt with resistance virtually every time he met with a client.  Erickson discovered that if he offered these clients something they could resist, they jump on the offer he wanted them to resist while subconsciously accepting Erickson’s therapeutic goal.

If you can understand and apply the beauty of that concept to your sales letters, you will be in a league of your own.

In this NLP Copywriting Boot Camp DVD set, I’ll show you – step by step – how to make your prospects roll over and beg for what you are selling.

I’ll show you how to give them something to reject and why they should buy your offer right then and there.

Make Sure You Get Your Set of
The NLP Copywriting Certification Boot Camp


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  1. I’m wondering how many NLP Patterns you detected in this report.  And if you can imagine how powerful your copy will be when you master these techniques.

PPS. Remember this is a true case of you snooze you lose.  Don’t miss out.!