NLP Copywriting III

Hey there Buckeroo,

Today, we’re doing math.

My son Shmuel hates (I mean seriously hates math.)

But you’re gonna love NLP math.

Let’s pretend you are selling an ebook on Clickbank for 39.95.
And it’s converting at 2%.

For every hundred visitors who come to your page, you gross $79.90
But it it cost you 25 cents a click, 100 clicks cost you $25.

So you made only $54.90.

Now let’s go over your site the NLP way.

Instead of converting at 2%, your site converts at 9%.
Now, for every 100 vistors who come to your page, you gross $359.95

You’re still paying for clicks and that’s costing you $25.

But now you are grossing $334.55

Which Would You Rather Have?

Let’s take the hypnosis center I told you about.

If a 100 people walked into my center because of my newspaper advertising, it cost me $400 each to get them in the door.

Yep, $40,000 just to get them to walk in.

If my sales team converted only 10% at my lowest price program ($1277) I grossed $12,770.  At that rate, I’m out of business fast.

But because of my Jedi NLP tricks, my sales team converted at an average of 60%.  So I grossed 76,620 instead.

And my top sellers closed regularly at 80% so I grossed $102,160 when they were in the room.

Are You Beginning To Wonder 
If NLP Math Will Work For You?

If the answer is no. Check you pulse dude.  

Here’s the deal.

Give me four weeks to play NLP math with you.  

NLP Copywriting for the web is a 4 week program covering every aspect of your online business.  If at the end of four weeks, you haven’t seen some significant change in your numbers by doing what I suggest, I insist on refunding your money.

And honestly, if I can’t get those numbers to go up, I don’t DESERVE your money.

So this isn’t rocket science.  (Remember, my son hates math.)

If you want to see your numbers go up, sign up below for this online course.

If you’re happy with 1 or 2 %, don’t sign up.

BTW, my buddy Frank Kern’s old niche site converted at .5% Less than 1% bought from his site.  Than he started to learn Mass Control and NLP and…

Need I seriously say any more?
Join me by signing up below,


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Harlan Kilstein
NLP Copywriting Jedi
PS. I challenge you to run the numbers on your business.  Show them to your spouse or business partner.  Take me at my word.  But believe me, you’re in for an amazing experience.
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