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Here’s The Backstage Pass Inside The Minds of The Greatest Copywriters Alive Including John Carlton, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, and Brian Keith Voiles.

Plus, You’ll Discover A New Way Of Connecting With Your Audience So Your Conversion Rates Skyrocket.

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In 1975, two California researchers stun the therapeutic world by releasing a model of effective therapy.  Overnight, they teach people with no background at all in therapy how to accomplish breakthroughs in just a single session.  They show how to eliminate years of therapy and accomplish rapid personal change.

But they aren’t finished…

In that same year, they release another model from the therapeutic world.  In this case, they have modeled the language, body movements, and tonal changes and shifts of the world’s greatest hypno-therapist.  Within days people with no background in hypnosis were covertly inducing deep trance phenomena and assisting people make deep and lasting changes.

The ability to model or copy a behavior is a powerful technology that was at the heart of NLP.  By carefully studying the patterns of the exemplar you wanted to model, you could duplicate the behaviors and install them in yourself or someone else.

Bandler and Grinder were able to explain how they modeled the language of Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, and Gregory Bateson.  They were able how they modeled with precision the language patterns of Milton Erickson.

But their partnership broke up before they could fully explain the key question, “How Do You Model Someone” and for nearly 20 years following their split, modeling was a lost skill except for a select few.

NLP the rebirth

In 1997 David Gordon, one of the original core of students who helped formulate NLP, announced a new breakthrough.  He produced a simplified version of modeling that was easy to learn and deadly effective.

Gordon’s version centered around a simple template called The Experiential Array.

With the template in your hand, the modeler was able to go deep inside the head of the exemplar and bypass the unconscious blocks to producing a model.  Please allow me to explain.  With few exceptions, when the exemplar is being modeled, they are not fully aware of all the steps they do.  There is significant unconscious activity.

Gordon’s template allows you to produce a subconscious map of the unconscious process of the person being modeled.

producing a model that works main

Using Gordon’s Experiential Array, I was able to produce a model called “Winning At Negotiations.”  I was immediately able to use this model in salary negotiations and teach others to use it as well.

Like Prometheus discovering fire, I began modeling behaviors I wanted to copy.  It was almost too easy. 

I rapidly produced a model for being an effective fund raiser and taught it successfully at large seminars.

I was hired to produce a model for selling by telephone and was able to implement a complete training program at a time when I had zero background in sales.  (In fact, it’s more than 20 years later and the company is still trying to hire me back!)

In my role as an educator, I produced a model of an effective teacher and presented it to a spell-bound audience at one of the largest teachers’ conferences in the United States.

having a secret advantage 1

Here’s a secret I never shared.  When I began to enter the world of copywriting, the first thing I did was to seek out samples of legendary copywriters like Gary Halbert, Jim Rutz, Eugene Schwartz, and Mel Martin.  And as I studied each copywriter, I produced a model for each copywriter.

Within a year, I was meeting with the heads of Boardroom and Weiss discussing expanding their online presence.  (Remember, I was a rookie copywriter at the time).  It was my ability to model and produce deeply hypnotic copy that got me in the door.

But I never took my modeling skills public regarding copy until…

modeling john carlton

In front of a packed room, I modeled John Carlton’s copywriting process.  John expected the regular questions about hooks and headlines.

Instead he faced a gamut of questions he had never been asked.  The room sat spell bound as John went deep inside thinking deeply about the internal processes of being a copywriter.

He went into profound silence and reflection when I asked him the final question, “How do you know when the copy is done…” John gave a simple answer, “When I can tell it is A-level copy.”

But my hypnotic eye could tell the question sent John deep inside himself.  And on the way to the airport, John shared the real answer to that question.  It was something he had never thought about and certainly something he had never shared…

modeling david

The first time I saw David Deutsch’s copy, I was blown away.  The copy was so good I was convinced it was the work of another copywriting legend.

Then, I met David Deutsch and learned an entirely new perspective on copy.  David is not widely known but some people consider him one of today’s top A-list copywriters .  And David was gracious enough to allow me to model him.

Talk about differences between Carlton and Deutsch – incredible.

But when you talk about commonalities – there are plenty to be found.  David was fascinated by the questions and the process and decided to learn modeling himself.

And then I asked David the key question.  “How do you know the copy is done?” He gave me an answer that simply stunned me and offered a penetrating look into the mind of one of the hottest A-level copywriters.

modeling brian keith

I wasn’t expecting to model Brian Keith Voiles live but it was an amazing experience.  Some of us live our lives as adults.  Brian lives his life as a kid trapped inside an adult’s body.

Brian’s copy is disarmingly simple.  Yet he holds a number of powerful controls.  The modeling revealed a secret he uses to create great copy that surprised everyone in the audience.

Brian revealed completely unorthodox strategies for writing his sales letters and showed how he makes writing winning sales letters a non-stop game.

How can strategies so simple be so powerful – you’ll have to try them out for yourself.

modeling garfinkel

I recently sat down with David Garfinkel in a restaurant in San Francisco and pulled out a tape recorder.

Soon we were lost in time as David began to analyze his process of writing a sales letter.

As we were talking, David came to realize there is one thing he does at every step of the way which he used to do on purpose but now… it’s on autopilot.

And it’s probably the number one reason his copy is so effective.  You’ll want to hear it and use it right away…

from retirement

It’s no secret that reunion tours are the biggest thing on the concert circuit.  In past years, The Who, The Police, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have all come out of retirement.  And even though these bands haven’t played together in years,  their music came together and flowed.

Possibly the greatest teacher of NLP quietly retired from the scene  number of years ago.  His name is David Gordon and he produced some of the most important models in NLP.

David modeled Milton Erickson and produced “Therapeutic Metaphors”.  I later did my own doctoral study based on David’s work and showed that specially loaded stories could produce rapid change in a class room setting.

David went back to the drawing pad and came up with a new model of Erickson’s therapeutic strategies in the book “Phoenix.”  These strategies explicated some of Erickson’s unconscious strategies in change work.

Using David’s techniques, even someone with no background can produce transformational stories and employ strategies which produce rapid change.

David believes all experience has structure.  

If you can crack the code, you can reproduce the structure in someone else.

Achieving The Impossible

I coaxed David Gordon out of retirement to present at my “Modeling Effective Copywriters”  seminar took place in Las Vegas in February 2008.

This was a one time only seminar – and I can promise you another example of over delivering at a seminar.

Here’s What Appears On The 13 DVDs:

Day One:

  • We plunge right into modeling and I introduce you to the experiential array. You’ll learn why the flow of information is important.
  • How to gather information.  When you should use a step by step approach and when you should allow a complete system download.
  • How to select exemplars.  Who you model makes a difference in the model.  Make one mistake here and your work is in vain.
  • The elicitation process.  Here’s what you must do before you gather information.
  • How to use the belief template to go deep inside your exemplar’s mind and examine their core beliefs.
  • Understanding beliefs – what makes these beliefs possible?  What do these beliefs allow you to do?
  • Eliciting the criteria at the base of the belief.  Make sure your criteria agrees with your definition or you may end producing a model of something you didn’t expect.
  • How to find out the beliefs no one ever talks about.  They are called supporting beliefs and I’ll show you how to dig deep and find them.
  • What are the strategies or tests the exemplar uses during their behavior.  You’ll want to detect and elicit all their strategies for maximum effect.
  • How to get the person to open up and share their emotions with you.  This is where it gets really interesting.  This is usually the part when it gets real quiet and the exemplar may go into a trance thinking about the behavior.
  • What are the external behaviors that are necessary to reproduce this exemplar’s behavior.
  • Filling in the array and checking your work.

Day Two:

  • Attendees report back on their first assignments and receive feedback.
  • Clues that reveal you missed something in the modeling process.
  • How to model a target audience for copywriting or marketing purposes.
  • Getting inside the head of your client.
  • How to get inside the head of the copywriter.  (As an example, we’re going to study the emails of Frank Kern.)
  • Going deep:
    • The Carlton Model
    • The Deutsch Model
    • The Voiles Model
    • The Garfinkel Model

Day Three:

Special Guest Instructor: David Gordon – one of the founding researchers of NLP!

David models me live and install my writing and marketing strategies in you.

Get this: At Four PM, the hotel people show up and you have to vacate the room. We have a wedding here.  We picked up everything and everyone and went to my suite. There, David went on for hours. No one moved.  No one would think of leaving. It was amazing.

This is priceless.

David is simply the top NLP instructor in the world.  He is a delight to learn from.

His stories are…magical.

His teachings are…crystal clear.

A day spent with him is…unforgettable.

David came out of retirement as an NLP trainer for this day only.

And once you know these skills…

You’ll Be In A Class All By Yourself

Right now, I’m the only copywriter in the world using these strategies.  But my advantage ends when you get these DVDs (and manual).  Because you’ll be able to apply these skills almost immediately.

Yes! You will receive all the notes and materials you need to make modeling work for you.

My trainings stand out from the crowd because they are unique.

My Value Based Copywriting taught copywriters my behind the scenes secret negotiating strategies for huge paydays.  And that seminar was all meat – not an ounce of fat.  100% pure unadulterated content.  In the hands of any other teacher, heads would have been spinning.  But because of my background in education, I read the audience and know when I can take you the extra mile and push you to attain your personal best.

My NLP Copywriting I seminar got rave reviews from the A-list copywriters in attendance.  (Did I see John Carlton taking notes in the back?)

So if you are sharp enough to recognize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you’ll be the first to admit you can overcome any of the problems including not enough time to think about it, wondering if you can really learn these skills if you don’t have a background in NLP, or you are wondering if your copy skills are strong enough for you to benefit from the NLP Modeling Copywriting Boot Camp.

I Wonder How Soon You Will Become Aware That Your Modeling and Copywriting Skills Can Go Through The Roof By Just Watching These DVDs

If You Are Serious, You Need To Act Now!

You can get your hot little hands of a set of the NLP Modeling and Copywriting DVDs right now.

We offer two ways to pay. If you pay in full now, the cost of the seminar is $1097.

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If you prefer to make payments:

Please note that all sales are final. There are no returns accepted.

A Last Word From David Gordon

The world is filled with human beings manifesting an endless variety of behaviors and abilities. These human abilities are as diverse as being able to effectively negotiate, tell a joke, empathize with others, manage a large group, compose music, write a book, promptly pay bills, be thrilled by an abstract painting, plan the future, learn from the past, or ease the fears of a child. Every human being is a repository of abilities in which they are an expert, or in our terms, an “exemplar.”

Is there a way to transfer the ability of an exemplar to someone who needs and wants that ability? The purpose of modeling is to enable us to answer this question with a “Yes.”

Make Sure You Get Your Set of
The NLP Modeling & Copywriting Boot Camp DVDs


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 Yes! Please sign me up for my set of the NLP Modeling & Copywriting DVDs. I would like to make 3 easy payments. I understand the price is $1277 and my first payment will be billed immediately in the amount of $577. I will then make 2 additional payments of $350 over the next 60 days.  I understand I will be required to give a credit card back up in addition to PayPal because PayPal has a tendency to cancel subscription payments.Click here to order now!


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