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I own every book on Ericksonian hypnosis except one. It’s deliberate.
It’s called Hypnotic Realities by Erickson and Rossi. The book begins with a hypnotic induction that Erickson demonstrates.

Rossi the faithful scribe is going to jot down the words and explain them.

And 30 seconds into the induction, Rossi notes – at this point Erickson stopped his induction and started telling a story. It’s like Igor in the Young Frankenstein clip above. They misread the signs and make a critical mistake.

How that made me upset. The man was literally sitting next to Milton Erickson and was completely clueless about what his teacher was doing.

The story was part of the induction!

Instead, generations of people who refer to that book will learn incorrectly.
Learning how to induce trance is the single biggest mystery that faces new students of NLP and hypnosis.

You have to learn the indicators of trance. What happens to the clients eyes? Their facial muscles? Their head position? Their breathing?

How did you get their eyes to close? People sometimes spend 20 or 30 minutes just to get eye closure.

What do you say to the person so you match their internal experience?

Finally, how can you make a hypnotic experience so pleasant, people want to savor every minute. I’m about to reveal this right now.

A number of years ago, I created a recording of a hypnotic induction of a young woman.  It was a combination of work I learned from Erickson and Dobson.

I demonstrate a classic NLP version of the 5-4-3-2-1 induction. This step-by-step induction makes it simple to learn. Let’s put it this way, if you had just one hypnosis technique to have under your belt, this would be the one.

It’s nearly impossible to learn hypnosis from a book alone because you don’t know what to look for. But if you have a good teaching DVD, it makes it simple.

YES – you can learn an Ericksonian induction from this DVD.

YES – you will be able to hypnotize someone after watching this DVD and going over the explanation.

YES – you can learn the exact words to say that will rapidly induce trance.

YES – you get to watch the subject as she goes into trance. And you get to see the effect of my words on her.

YES – you’ll learn the language patterns used by Milton Erickson and the founders of NLP.

NO – you won’t be left guessing what to do because you get a complete transcript.

NO – you don’t have to figure out what I’m doing because you also get a complete commentary.
I put this recording away until I listened to a number of examples of reallybad hypnosis.  So I dug out the old recording and did something I’ve never done before.

I had my work transcribed and I annotated what I was doing during the induction and trancework.

You’ll see a real good clean Erickson induction.  You’ll see some sophisticated anchoring and working with the clients weakest systems.  (I’ll also explain why.)

[This induction is the number one induction I teach that is directly transferable to copywriting.]

I am now letting people who want to learn more about hypnosis and would like to see and study a live induction to get a copy of the DVD.

You’ll get the DVD of the Hypnotic Induction.  You’ll also get a CD containing both a clean transcript of the induction and the induction with my commentary.

Here’s how I recommend you get the most out of the DVD.

Watch it once and do what Dr Dobson called “tail gate.”  Jump aboard the hypnosis experience and go inside. Experience the hypnosis. There’s some powerful self-esteem boosting work at the end.

The second time, watch it and pay attention to the client.  Focus only on the client.

The third time, watch the DVD and pay attention to the interaction between myself and the client.

Finally, pull out the commentary and watch it again.

Many years ago, Gary Halbert wrote a very short sales letter for his “Coat of Arms” project.  That short sales letter made millions and millions of dollars.  It may just be the shortest yet most successful sales letters of all time.

This DVD will show you the essentials of an Ericksonian hypnotic induction.

You can get your copy now for just $67 plus shipping and handling.
Of course, you can return it up to a year after purchase for a refund.

(Shipping next week after the Jewish New Year.)

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