I just got back from a back from a secret training session at the Kern secret
Ninja headquarters.

I spent a bunch of time with Frank on Wednesday teaching him ultra secret
NLP stuff, and then we recorded a video which will go out to members
of his Mass Control Monthly group.

Yesterday, I spent the morning teaching his Mastermind Group how to change
peoples’ beliefs with NLP.

And then I got to do something I always wanted to do…

I got to model Frank Kern’s product creation and video strategies.

My mind is swimming with information

I also spoke with David Gordon last night about modeling Frank and I’m getting it down
on paper.

Someone asked, why would Frank let me model him?

Isn’t he afraid someone else will learn how to do what he does?

Not a chance.

He has an abundance mentality.

He’d LOVE it if everyone did what he did.

Now a few months ago, before I even put the programs on the market, I sent Frank
my NLP Copywriting materials.

His response:

This is too much.

Tell me one thing I should learn.

I did.

Frank walked us through the videos showing us how he used that single teacher.

By using that single one teaching, he has generated MILLIONS and MILLIONS of

Now Frank admits to be a lazy bastard who only wants to do three things:

Surf, Drink Beer, and Eat Mexican Food.

Imagine what would happen if he used more than one tactic.

Imagine what would happen if YOU used more than one tactic.

So I’d like to remind you to come to the blog and see all the videos I’ve posted.

And if you want to know the product that helped Frank make a small fortune
it was NLP Copywriting I.

There’s a link over on the right side of the page.

Hey, go buy something.

PS. Frank, I’d rather drink beer in a bottle.