I just returned from Israel and met dozens of people who claim to have trained in NLP. My friend and teacher Menachem Kasdan was recently called in to certify a group of people as NLP Practitioners.

What he found was shocking.

These people were completely unable to understand basic terms such as calibration.

They didn’t know what the meta-model was.

They never heard of the Milton model.

And yet, they professed to be knowledgeable in NLP.

Which of course leads someone to ask a question, what makes a person competent?

Dave Dobson never certified anyone in Other Than Conscious Communication. Why?

Because he didn’t believe certification based on the classroom counted. It was what you did with it out in the real world that was important.

The latest trend is teaching NLP online. You never meet the trainer. They never get to observe you.

You never work in small groups with people. Never get feedback.

Of course, it goes without saying your skill level is going to be very weak.

In order to learn NLP effectively, you need to get feedback from someone with a high level of competence.