Bad NLP Is More Common Than You Think

If this video doesn’t have meaning to you, it’s likely you’ve never witnessed someone really bad at NLP try to help someone. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments below. [Video created by Kristen Farris.]



  2. Fabulous, I’m sure I know these guys and I was once on an NLP training course in London with them surely? Ha Ha!

  3. This is not only an example of bad NLP…many other, coaches, facilititators, therapists do the same.

  4. boy oh boy….I just know what i would have liked to say to that guy…. err go back and train again,,as a NLP practitioner you leave a lot to be desired,, now I know I can do a whole heap better than that, and I AM ONLY JUST LEARNING .

  5. Harlan, that’s HILARIOUS!!!
    Is this your own creation using
    Too funny

  6. As I indicated. That’s not my work.

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  8. Love the video! Really amazing how you captured that interaction…

    Thanks for the laugh. Mind if I share this with my own blog readers?



  9. Ha, ha!

    This is hilariously pathetic. (Or pathetically hilarious?)

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