Death of An NLP Legend


A legend passed away yesterday. Frank Farrelly, the author of Provocative Therapy, passed away recently.

Frank was the most obnoxious lovable guy you could ever meet. He stunned people in therapy by deliberately provoking people in therapy and getting them to open up.

The first time I read his book, Provocative Therapy I couldn’t believe anyone would recommend the book. But soon I saw Frank’s effectiveness.

I have some very old recordings of Bandler and Grinder modeling Frank at a live therapy session. Bandler’s voice was entirely different than it is today.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear that Bandler adopted Frank’s voice after an intensive modeling session.

The best way to learn about Frank is to listen to a recent seminar he did in NYC with my friend Doug O’Brien. The man was brilliant.

You can get the DVDs here from Doug. That’s NOT an affiliate link.

Frank was one of the people NLP was based upon.

Study his work.

Rest in peace Frank.

Richard Bandler Working With A Client

In copywriting, there’s nothing better than watching Gary Halbert, John Carlton, or Jay Abraham work with a business live.

In NLP, it’s watching Richard Bandler work live with a client.

Here are two videos featuring Richard working with a client:

and here’s part two

The most amazing part to me is how Richard makes it all seem so simple.

What do you think?

The New World of NLP Copy

Copywriting is changing. We are seeing more and more people moving away from long copy and finding more people moving to video.

For the world of NLP, this is truly a blessing. Now, in addition to words on paper, we can actually use volume and tonality to mark off the message.

But with the exception of Eben Pagan, we’re just not seeing it online today done with any artful planning.

Plus, with the shorter copy in use today, it is incumbent upon the NLP Copywriter to use the language patterns to get the reader to take action much more rapidly.

Think about the words that would FORCE a person to take action.

What would you use?

Manipulative NLP – Stop It With The Hands!

Many years ago, I took a training with John Childers who all the marketing gurus swore by. He supposedly taught speaking skills that would show you how to sell from the platform.

But what made me take this super expensive course was the idea that he combined NLP with selling.

I was so bored. My dogs had more effective NLP skills. I took more bathroom breaks during that seminar than any other. I couldn’t believe I had gotten suckered in to this program.

And at the end of the program, he sold another program. Yes, he had secretly planted the overwhelming desire for us to purchase his next expensive program.

Yawn. I had no desire to continue my studies and I was amazed at the big name people who gave him credit for increasing their sales.

What was it that PT Barnum said about suckers being born any minute?

So now there’s another breakthrough NLP discovery used in video and selling.

Ready? Stop yawning. I haven’t told you yet.

Okay here it is.

When you are talking, when you talk about your prospects shake your hands in the direction of your prospects. When you talk about you, point to you.

Now don’t you feel an overwhelming desire to send me money?

Didn’t think so.

When you see someone using this technique, they are trying to manipulate you. And they are setting you up for the sale.

A real sale is when you connect with the buyers wants and needs and your ability to fullfil them.

No hand shaking needed.


PS. I just saved you about $50,000 in advanced speakers trainings in this little post.

Just had to add this video

Trained Baboons And Hypnosis

When I learned hypnosis, I learned it in an NLP center in Ericksonian style. It wasn’t until much later that I was exposed to non-Ericksonian hypnosis.

I can’t say that I liked it very much. Especially the rapid inductions.

Grabbing someone’s head, shaking it, and yelling “Sleep!” would scare the bejeebers out of anyone.

And then I heard the story of a hypnotist who tried this in his office with an elderly client and hurt her neck.


There’s a fabulous movie Marjoe about a young boy who is born as a preacher. From the ages of 4-14 he saves people all across the United States. As a teen, he gets disgusted and walks away from the business.

In his twenties, he returns to the road with some video cameras to record his preaching and performance in church.

The cameras are rolling as Marjoe gets people to faint – sometimes a whole line of people at one time – just be pointing at them.

And that’s when you need to understand the concept of the trained baboon and hypnosis.

The training baboon is conditioned how to behave by watching others.

You know what they say, “Money See. Monkey Do.”

So it doesn’t really matter if the goal of the money is to get people to faint at a religious revival meeting or go into a deep trance.

I suggest to you that if you go up to a total stranger on the street, grab their head, shake it and yell “sleep!” you’re going to find yourself punched in the head.

Get my point?

PS. The movie Marjoe won an Oscar for best documentary in 1968. It is available on Ebay from time to time and well worth the investment.

The Ghost of Dave Dobson

The last time I saw Dave Dobson was in the nursing home in Friday Harbor located on his beloved San Juan Island.

Dave had retired to the San Juan Islands but I pulled him out of retirement to begin doing Fun Shops again.

He was one of the most amazing and incongruent teachers I ever met. Amazing because of the keen insights he had on human nature and helping people evolve. And incongruent because of his fear that someone was going to rip him off and steal his life’s work.

At times Dave would roar “Rip me off dammit. Just use my stuff.” And at other times, he would accuse people of stealing his teachings.

And after a lifetime of teaching, he made sure no one else would be able to do his work.

He left behind no writings other than a book I had transcribed for him as a birthday present.

His Fun Shops recordings aren’t very useful to people who can’t see the non-verbals Dave was using.

And the video recordings Dave hoarded will probably never see the light of day and even if they did – Dave forbade anyone from ever explaining his work.

That’s why 20 years from now, no one will have heard of Dave Dobson – one of the greatest hypnotists who ever lived.

On the other hand, there is a legacy of teachings of Milton Erickson.

Maybe some of the people teaching Ericksonian hypnosis got it wrong.

Maybe they are mis-teaching what Milton tried to give over.

But Milton spent a life time making sure his techniques and content got out there.

He cooperated with the researchers. Made abundant videos available.

Today, there are conferences all over the world teaching Ericksonian hypnosis.

Today, there are many excellent practitioners of Erickson’s techniques all around the world.

But there are no Dobsonian practitioners.

And I’m sure the Ghost of Dave Dobson is not happy.

Certify Me – I’m Incompetent

I just returned from Israel and met dozens of people who claim to have trained in NLP. My friend and teacher Menachem Kasdan was recently called in to certify a group of people as NLP Practitioners.

What he found was shocking.

These people were completely unable to understand basic terms such as calibration.

They didn’t know what the meta-model was.

They never heard of the Milton model.

And yet, they professed to be knowledgeable in NLP.

Which of course leads someone to ask a question, what makes a person competent?

Dave Dobson never certified anyone in Other Than Conscious Communication. Why?

Because he didn’t believe certification based on the classroom counted. It was what you did with it out in the real world that was important.

The latest trend is teaching NLP online. You never meet the trainer. They never get to observe you.

You never work in small groups with people. Never get feedback.

Of course, it goes without saying your skill level is going to be very weak.

In order to learn NLP effectively, you need to get feedback from someone with a high level of competence.

Obnoxious NLP

Is the goal of personal change work to be nice or to be effective?

Some of the most effective NLP interventions haven’t been very nice?

When Tony Robbins asked a woman crying her eyes out, “Who peed on your face?” It wasn’t particularly nice.

But it was effective.

It interrupted the patten and enabled the woman to deal with her problem.

When Richard Bandler finds out a certain tonality disturbs a person and deliberately uses it again and again to move a client, he isn’t being particularly nice.

But he is being effective.

So how can you know when you’ve gone too far?

The key is rapport.

When you are working one on one, in person or on the phone, you can maintain your rapport.

But when you are working via copy, how can you check rapport?

For example, one fabulously successful site created negative rapport with the readers. It was called “RIch Jerk.”

People actually looked forward to his insults.

I wrote an email for him to mail and it was filled with insults. But his audience loved it.

What made people stay with that copy despite it’s insults?

Your thoughts below.

Bad NLP Is More Common Than You Think

If this video doesn’t have meaning to you, it’s likely you’ve never witnessed someone really bad at NLP try to help someone. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments below. [Video created by Kristen Farris.]

Why You Should Learn Hypnosis

How You Can Help Yourself And Others Change

One of my favorite sayings is “the only person who likes change is a wet baby.”  If you think about it, most people don’t change very readily.

They dig in their heels and defend themselves saying, “It’s my way or the highway.”

Getting someone to change a single bad trait could take a lifetime of work… or…

It could take 25 minutes.

The first hypnotic induction I ever learned rapidly became my favorite.  Using this exact hypnotic induction I was able to:

  • cure dozens of teenagers who secretly wet their beds
  • help people who were unable to grieve for a close relative
  • cure a severe eating disorder
  • help someone eliminate a lifetime of angry tantrums and outbursts
  • assist students in increasing their grades on college entrance exams
  • and so much more

Learning how to induce trance is the single biggest mystery that faces new students of NLP and hypnosis when it’s really quite simple.

Using this video I’ve created you will discover: the indicators of trance. You’ll be able to see what happens to the clients eyes, their facial muscles, their head position, and their breathing.

How did you get their eyes to close? Watch the simple steps I’ll show you.

What do you say to the person so you match their internal experience? Follow along with the transcript I provide.

Finally, how can you make a hypnotic experience so pleasant, people want to savor every minute. I’m about to reveal this right now.

A number of years ago, I created a recording of a hypnotic induction of a young woman.  It was a combination of work I learned from Erickson and Dobson.

I demonstrate a classic NLP version of the 5-4-3-2-1 induction. This step-by-step induction makes it simple to learn. Let’s put it this way, if you had just one hypnosis technique to have under your belt, this would be the one.

It’s nearly impossible to learn hypnosis from a book alone because you don’t know what to look for. But if you have a good teaching DVD, it makes it simple.

YES – you can learn a hypnosis induction from this DVD.

YES – you will be able to hypnotize someone after watching this DVD and going over the explanation.

YES – you can learn the exact words to say that will rapidly induce trance.

YES – you get to watch the subject as she goes into trance. And you get to see the effect of my words on her.

YES – you’ll learn the language patterns used by Milton Erickson and the founders of NLP.

NO – you won’t be left guessing what to do because you get a complete transcript.

NO – you don’t have to figure out what I’m doing because you also get a complete commentary.

I put this recording away until I listened to a number of examples of really bad hypnosis.  So I dug out the old recording and did something I’ve never done before.

I had my work transcribed and I annotated what I was doing during the induction and trancework.

You’ll see a real good clean Erickson induction.  You’ll see some sophisticated anchoring and working with the clients weakest systems.  (I’ll also explain why.)

I am now letting people who want to learn more about hypnosis and would like to see and study a live induction to get a copy of the DVD.

You’ll get the DVD of the Hypnotic Induction.  You’ll also get a CD containing both a clean transcript of the induction and the induction with my commentary.

This DVD will show you the exact steps you can take to help someone you love and care about.  This is the first step in bringing about change.

Sometimes, to help someone change – you don’t need to create a tidal wave.

Sometimes, just kicking a pebble that creates ripples is all that you need.

Become a pebble kicker!

You can get your copy now for just $67 plus shipping and handling.

Hypnotic Inductions
Of course, you can return it up to a year after purchase for a refund

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